Joseph's Corner

Selected works from his books of prose and poetry
Writer: Joseph Fusaro
Reader: Joseph Fusaro
Producers: John Tessitore, Mike Esposito
Creative: Dom Frabizio, Made West Studios

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Chapter 1 | It’s our pleasure to share with you the incredible writing of Joseph Fusaro. Joseph reminds us so much of John Kelly. His natural ability to connect and his instinct for kindness isn’t something you see everyday. We'll be featuring Joe on our blog for the next few months as he tells his story through the progression of his writing. Each excerpt is from a book of poetry or prose Joseph wrote over the last decade. Start with Chapter 1 of “A Little More Time” and get lost in the work of a legend.

Chapter 2 | As I started putting together my poems for “A Little More Time” I wanted to make sure that I was being as authentic as I could without ending the book on a sad or hopeless note. I decided that the best way to do this was to start with only a few pieces from the years that I felt suicidal and gradually take pieces from my timeline leading up to 2013 when I first started to feel like myself again. One of the most important things that I figured out from writing the last 22 years is that I feel better when I leave off my journals with a positive message. Now, even on my worst days, even if I write 10 pages about how helpless, humiliated, and disgusted I may feel, I will make it a point to turn it around for the last few lines. When I end with pain, I felt pain. When I ended with hope, it left room for me to keep going. I felt a little more free. I felt a little more able to cope with my life and the world around me. There is a lot of truth to the saying “ We write our own story.” I think that “A Little More Time” is where I first started to realize this.

Chapter 3 | check out the 3rd chapter of our collaboration with the talented writer, Joseph Fusaro. Big hint! We recorded an interview with Joseph last summer and will be releasing it on Sunday May 5th in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month! Sit back and enjoy the calming voice and writing of Joseph Fusaro.

Joseph's Life Story, Part 1 | it's tough to fit Joseph Fusaro into a description. We recorded a 2.5 hour interview with him last summer where we recorded his life story, mostly in chronological order. We split this episode into 2 parts to capture the serious ups and downs he's had with manic depression and the myriad of other struggles he faced tangentially. You've also heard Joseph on our blog the last few weeks, he's a prolific writer and hosts a podcast himself called Hysteria Radio, where he talks about the connections between art, creativity and mental health. Check back in next week for Part 2 of his life story.

Chapter 4 | Harmony, harmony, harmony…. This word replayed on a figurative loop in my head after I release my second book Letters to the Universe.  I had noticed a trend in my writing.  I would get really frustrated, irritated, and overwhelmed at the beginning of starting the first 2 books.  I would then feel this need to spill my frustrations onto paper.  After the first 10 to 20 poems I would start to feel a little better.  Still anxious, still overwhelmed, but somehow a little better than before.  Then for the final 100+ pages of the writing process I could somewhat enjoy it without feeling like I was caught somewhere between the tidal wave and its undertow. Stuck in the foam with just enough air to choke.  I was now treading water, but damn, I wanted to float. Why was one of my favorite things causing me so much stress?  Was this a microcosm of my life?  Did life need to be stressful?  Does a job need to be difficult and boring?  Does a relationship need to be dramatic and psychologically devastating?  I had all of these questions and the answer seemed pretty plain to see. No.  Could I teach myself how to separate myself and my life from the status quo? Life is supposed to be filled with peace, grace, joy, fun, contentment, and ease.  I needed to find my Harmony. So I wrote until it made sense to me.

Joseph's Life Story, Part 2 | check out the 2nd half of Joseph Fusaro's life story - one of the best raw conversations we've ever had on Collected Layers.

The fourth poetry book that I wrote was named Andromeda. You’ve probably heard the word Andromeda if you are into Astronomy or Greek Mythology. So it won’t be a surprise when I tell you that this book was inspired by both. I have always had a passion for digging into the roots and meanings of why things are the way that they are.  How did some of the earliest forms of civilization see stories in stars? Or were the stars telling the stories? I guess we’ll never really know but I was hell-bent on trying my best to find out. I can promise you this, I do not have a magical cure for depression, however I will promise you that if you go out and look at the stars you’ll be amazed again and again and again. Without fail you will have to ruminate that your life IS worth living after all. If you feel like you can’t see the miracle that is your life, go outside and look up tonight. If Andromeda was saved and still shines bright, you are going to be alright.